Crafts for the Non-Crafty: Tree Branch Star

Natural holiday decorations are popular, and they spotlight the beauty of nature, even in the winter landscape.  When you look closely at these holiday decorations, they look fairly simple to make.  Some of them are!

Here is an easy craft that you can most likely make with things you already have at home.

tree branches, twine, and scissors
common materials make natural decor easy.


5 branches, cut to approximately equal length (my branches were about 2 feet long and 1/2 inch in diameter).



optional: acrylic craft paint


Trim branches to like size.

Arrange into s start shape, moving and adjusting branches until you like the arrangement.

Make a star by arranging the five branches so that an inner pentagon is formed
Move and arrange branches to form a star.

Cut ten – 1 foot lengths of twine. Tie each vertex of the start with twine, letting ends hang loose.

Ten vertices are tied with twine to hold the branches in place.
tie foot lengths of twine at each point where two branches cross.

After start shape has been set with twine, go back to each length and wrap it around the intersecting branches, tying a knot to secure.

Wind twine around intersecting branches and then tie off.
Wind twine around intersecting branches and then tie off.
star formed by tying and wrapping twine.
All done!

Optional: Dab paint on branches to color; or add glitter, or colorful yarn wraps to decorate.tree branch star done

Hang or prop your star to show your handiwork!


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