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Here’s Some Proof that Kids Are Funny

Today is the first day of school in our district.

Now that it’s back-to-school time, I’m reminded of the fact that kids are funny.

Really funny.

I do miss the beginning of the school year, and the eagerness of the students as they come into the classroom for the first time.  I wish all of my former teaching colleagues a great day, and a great year.

This is my fourth year out of the classroom.  I miss the kids, but have great memories. Some of those memories have come flooding back.

Read on to get a chuckle!

Kids Are Funny at School

A Beautiful Mistake

It was circle time in my fourth grade classroom.  We were discussing our last science experiment and why it didn’t work the way we thought it would.

Me: Sometimes, mistakes turn out to be good things. The person who invented Post-it Notes was trying to make a different kind of glue.  What mistakes do you know about, that turned out to be good things?

My student, Anita: (raising her hand and speaking with confidence) I was a mistake, and I turned out to be a good thing.

a boy and girl chalk drawing


Follow that Star

We were studying great mathematicians in my seventh-grade math class.  One article stated that mathematician, George Polya, was “a very wise man.”

A question on the follow-up quiz: Who was George Polya?

Student answer: He was one of the Wise Men.

silhouette of three magi on camels


What Are the Chances?

Question on a probability quiz: There are 7 apple drinks, 3 orange drinks, 8 pineapple drinks, and 4 grape drinks in a cooler.  Without looking, you reach in and choose a drink. What is the probability of choosing an apple drink?

Student: Is pineapple an apple drink?

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Kids Are Funny at Home, Too


My cousin’s daughter asked her what kind of construction was going on at a site they drove past many times a week.

My cousin: It’s an “old folks” homes.

She then went on to explain to her daughter about retirement homes.

Her 5 year-old daughter: (with all seriousness) They should have pillows that say, “Have a Nice Die.”

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Cleaning Up

Another cousin’s exchange with her teenage middle child, after a houseplant tipped over.

My cousin: Go and get the broom and dustpan from the cleaning closet.

Teenage middle child: (with wonder) We have a cleaning closet??

a door is open with a question mark on it



Struggling and exhausted with my girth in the 8th month of pregnancy, I watched gratefully as my husband made our three year-old daughter microwave popcorn for a snack.

My husband: See the popcorn, it’s almost ready.

My daughter: (pointing at the expanding popcorn bag) The bag looks like mommy!

popcorn in a bowl sits next to an empty popcorn bag

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3 comments on “Here’s Some Proof that Kids Are Funny”
  1. Anonymous says:

    Brings back great memories of our teaching

  2. A. JoAnn says:

    I love It! Thank you for the giggle

  3. I had a real chuckle at the fun things kids say. My son was about two and as we were walking the dog, my husband told us that he was going to pick up Grandma. My son then asked “Has Grandma fallen down?” We both had to laugh.

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