pressing fall leaves retains much of their color

Pressing Fall Leaves – Crafts for the Non-crafty

Pressing Fall Leaves The Easy Way

You see a gorgeous fall leaf scuttling along on the sidewalk.

Suddenly, you are six years old again, and rush to pick it up.

It’s as pretty as a flower, and you wish you could keep it.

The only glitch is, you haven’t got the time, energy, or know how to do it.  Some articles tell you to iron it between waxed paper (but you lose the brilliant color).  Others suggest soaking in glycerin (!!!), or pressing fall leaves with a flower press or giant stack of books.


Last year, I stumbled upon on easier way.  Just put the leaf between two fabric place mats and leave it there a few days.  You can put a bit of weight on it, but even if you don’t, it will dry with much of its brilliance intact.


  • Fall leaf
  • Two fabric place mats (or, one that is folded, if the leaf will fit in it)


I wish I could remember where I read this so that I could credit the author, but so far I haven’t been able to conjure up the resource.

What I can tell you is, I love the result, and my leaf is now a year old.

Not only is the color still vibrant, but the texture is neat. It isn’t totally flat.  It has a ripple to it that I like.

How to Use Your Pressed Leaves


Place Mats for Pressing?

You might be wondering why a place mat is specified. Can you use other fabric like a napkin or pillowcase?

I’m guessing that other fabrics would work, but the place mat seems to be about the right weight for flattening and drying the leaf just enough to leave some texture.

So, let that inner child out and press some leaves this fall.  You’ll enjoy your crafty self for several years to come.



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