October in the Garden

October is a good time to reflect on the growing season, while you can still remember what you planted! Not much is going on, so I’ve been turning the compost pile and moving some finished compost to the garden beds.

Sedum “Autumn Joy” is aptly named.

Reds, golds, browns, and greens dominate. Japanese blood grass is still shining in the garden, while other colors fade.

I was never a fan of grasses in the borders until I met this fellow!

Herbs like parsley and mint love the cooler weather. Time to make some keftedes!

Trim back mint in August for a new harvest in October.
Parsley is a biennial, and this crop will come back next season. It’s okay for seed collecting, but a new sowing yields a better-tasting leaf.

This is a good time to add a few decorations to the garden.

ceramic pumpkin
Use garden decor to fill in bare spots.
Pulmonaria leaves add interest with their Pollock splashes.

Enjoy the crisp, cool days!


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