Put a Little Spring in Your Step!

Have you been longing for a break in the weather? We have one day of warm, the next day it’s frigid!  Added to that, the snow looks dirty and gray.

I’ve been doing some online dreaming.  These looks are perfect for transitional weather.  We can only hope that the transition comes soon!



I bought some white sneakers last year and they actually stayed white! Definitely an easy transitional shoe, bringing a little bounce and comfort to your busy day. (On clearance now!) Click here for details.


Kiltie Heels

These very comfortable block heeled loafers are all over, and I think that someone called them “kilties” because of the fringe on the vamp.  If not, I’ve just made up a name for them! Click here for details.


Menswear blazer

It’s great to see a return to the oversize blazer as a top layer. For those of use who are fuller figured, the clean lines are extremely flattering. Click here for details.



Inspector Gadget, only better! The short length looks great with jeans, trousers, and skirts. The color complements brights and neutrals.  This style has a belt, but it is worn unbelted.  This is definitely a wardrobe staple. Click here for details.

Women’s trench


This hoodie looks perfect under the trench, so casual, but so sharp! Just be sure you are wearing a hood on the trench as well. Look for a trench with a detachable hood. Click here for details.

Pocket hoodie

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