Crafts for the Non-Crafty: These Easter Eggs Are a Tribute to Eric Carle

Blown-out eggs are coated with colored bits of tissue paper

These Easter eggs are super easy and not as messy as using dye. Tissue paper has always been an attraction for me, along with glitter and colored foil!

As you overlap the tissue paper on the egg, Eric Carle’s picture books will come to mind. Maybe it’s a good time to pull them out, for inspiration.

You can make these eggs hard-boiled or blown-out.  The advantage to blown-out eggs is that they can be saved for next year!

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Pink, yellow, purple, and blue tissue paper squares overlap to create Easter Egg collages


  • eggs (hard-boiled or blown-out)
  • tissue paper
  • glue (white glue diluted 50%, or decoupage glue)
  • paint brush for glue
  • damp rag for messy hands, dripped glue, etc.
  • heavy paper or poster board (small 1″ x 6″ strips)
  • tape
  • scissors


Before you begin

If you are using hard-boiled eggs, cook them and cool them to room temperature.

If you are using blown-out eggs and need directions, see the note below.



1. Tear and/or cut a variety of tissue paper colors.


2. Make egg stands by cutting a strip of heavy paper and taping it into a circle.

a strip of card stock is taped into a small cylinder to act as an egg stand for the drying egg


3. Cover part of the egg with the diluted glue. Place pieces of tissue on the egg, overlapping as you like.  Use one color, or a variety of colors.

small squares of pink, green, and blue tissue are glued on to the egg


4. Smooth the tissue out by applying glue over the tissue, as well as under it.

An egg layered with tissue bits dries on an egg stand.

Let dry on egg stand.

Easy and beautiful!  Your eggs are a color of their own!


Note: How to blow out eggs.

Clean off the eggs with soap and water.

Use a long hatpin or stick pin to carefully make a small hole in both ends of your egg. Stick the pin far into the egg and break the yolk by sticking and swirling the pin.

Make a pin hole in both ends of the egg to blow out the insides

Keep the pin handy. You will need it as you blow out the white and yolk, to unplug the hole.

Cup the egg securely in one hand and pierce and chip with the other. This keeps the egg (most of the time) from breaking open.  Be careful with that pin!

The holes will need to be bigger than the pin, so carefully poke and chip away until the holes are about 3mm in diameter.

Over a bowl, seal one hole with your lips and blow the insides of the egg out the other end.  If the hole gets plugged, insert the pin to unplug it.  You may need to pull out the cords, etc.  You’re finished when you start blowing only air from the other end.

Rinse the egg, trying to get water into the inside of the shell to further clean it.  Blow out the excess water.

Set the egg, end side up, on a towel against the kitchen counter back splash, and allow it to dry.

white egg and brown egg drying on dishtowel


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Author: A. JoAnn

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