Breathing Properly: The Yogi Breathes In and Out

31 Days of Resolutions – Day 3

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Breathing properly is a boon to good health. That is the message from our last post.

But how, and from whom, do you learn to breathe properly?

If you participate in any group exercise or instruction, you are constantly being reminded to “breathe!”

Somehow, it has become habitual for many of us to hold our breath when stressed. That isn’t a good thing.

We should not only be breathing IN but also breathing OUT. And slower is better according to James Nestor’s book “Breathe: The New Science of a Lost Art.”

Breathing properly seemed like a great idea to me following a bout with a respiratory virus last spring. During and after that illness, I was plagued by shortness of breath and fatigue, not to mention a persistent soreness under my rib cage.

Being the “thrifty” consumer that I am, I turned to free Internet channels for guidance.

Breathing Properly for Free!

I found a simple and straight-forward series of breathing exercises on demonstrated by Instructor David Procyshyn.

“The Rhythmic Breath (Savitri Pranayama)” is a good place to start. It’s only about 10 minutes long and is a perfect way to begin the day.

There are also videos on alternate nostril breathing and the “skull cleanser.”

Another great beginner exercise is the “A Stimulating Breath,” which combines controlled breathing with meditation.

Although you may not experience Earth shattering revelations during the exercises, you’ll notice the benefits throughout your day.

You’ll be more conscious of your breathing and feel more in control of it. That will lead to feelings of calm. You will feel in control of your body and more in tune to its rhythms.

All of the videos are under 15 minutes so there’s no excuse for not starting this practice and incorporating it into your daily routine.

I’ve found it easier to finish my walking routine these days since I started the breathing exercises. All of that good breathing through my nose and not through my mouth seems to supply my muscles with the oxygen they need effectively and efficiently.

Give it a try and I’ll bet you will have a similar experience for a minimal time investment.

It’s like a breath of fresh air for 2021!

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