Quality Quarantine Part 2: Small Screen Series

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Series and sequels, whether books, film, or television, have a certain inherent pleasure that must be universal. Otherwise, we wouldn’t see as many series produced as we see today.

My kids are quick to point out that I’m all about British crime series and British productions in general.

Between Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and now Peacock television, we have our bases covered. Here are some series favorites you might enjoy.

British Series on PBS and Amazon Prime Video

Poldark (PBS, Amazon Prime Video)

Poldark is a historical British drama series set in the 1700’s Cornish countryside. Feeling a bit under the weather yesterday, I admit to watching about six episodes back-to-back. The scenery and period costumes are perfections, the storylines include intriguing historical events and customs. Plus our hero and heroine Ross and Demelza Poldark are easy on the eyes!

Miss Scarlett and The Duke (PBS, Amazon Prime Video Premium)

I have to admit that I didn’t like the first episode of this series. To put it plainly, I was bored.

If you are willing to stick it out to episode 2, things get interesting very quickly. Miss Scarlett and the Duke have great chemistry, her relationship with her housekeeper is something special.

You’ll also learn something about the women’s movement as it evolved in Victorian England. Who knows much about that in the U.S.? Certainly not me.

But it’s Miss Scarlett’s pure pluck that drives the series and enhances the suspense. Once again the British screen writers show us that character development takes time but proves necessary to a good story and great mystery.

British Series on Netflix

As referenced earlier, I’m a sucker for British crime dramas; but so apparently are the Brits, because they produce a lot of these series!


One of my favorites is Marcella. Here’s a good cop with some really bad personal baggage that will keep you guessing about her motives right up until the last episode in seasons 1,2, and 3.

If you think about that, you realize that the writers must be pretty darn good at what they do.


I didn’t think my husband would like this series because the story unfolds slowly. And the killer is revealed midseason.

But he did like it.

What makes Broadchurch so good is undeniably the acting, and also writing. The story shows the emotional roller coaster experienced by a family, and a small town, trying to survive the murder of a child.

It isn’t gratuitous like so many emotionally manipulative tv shows these days (think “This Is Us”). Here, the actors feel like real people, and the life outcomes mirror reality as far as I can tell. This is where the Brits definitely outshine the Yanks in small-screen productions.

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