Oh, Boy! It’s A Girl.

My husband and I kept a watchful eye as our daughter examined her new baby brother. We had read all of the books and articles about sibling rivalry. We had gotten advice from parents of multiple children.

Rainbow Farms Market Brings Fresh and Tasty Home

If you enjoy farmers market produce that’s locally grown, be sure to check out Rainbow Farms in Madison, Ohio. What? Isn’t all farmers market produce fresh and local? The short answer is, “No.” Here in Ohio (and probably where you live, too) lots of farmers markets and roadside stands pop up in the summer and…

Luxembourg Gardens Overflows in Pink

Six-on-Saturday is six pictures of garden beauty, with limited comment! Last week, I was lucky to have the opportunity to visit Paris and stroll through Luxembourg Gardens. It was a bit early to see the glory of springtime in Paris, but I enjoyed the beauty that this city is famous for. Though it was cloudy…

I Love Aruba

Our vacation was truly an R&R experience. We weren’t looking for a big agenda, just some peaceful time in a lounge chair enjoying warm weather, turquoise waters, and plentiful sunshine.

What Are Legumes?

The sum of all of this information is that, for most of us, eating legumes is a healthy and smart thing to do in our quest to be the best we can be.