If We Can’t Save The Earth From Climate Change, Maybe Nature Can

I don’t normally watch Nature on PBS but having just finished The Invention of Nature, and being laid up due to some dental issues, I decided to give the episode “The Serengeti Rules” a go.

Glad I did.

A well organized kitchen including pots hanging from a rack over the stove.

Death Cleaning Is A Real Thing

The concept of Death Cleaning, or getting rid of junk as made popular by the minimalist movement, can offer peace and serenity.

Van Gogh self-portrait in straw hat done in 1889

Van Gogh in America: You Should Gogh to Detroit

I was surprised at how extensive the show is, and how well-oiled the procedures are at the museum. You have ample time and space to view everything for as long as you like.

Updating a 1960’s Garden: Flower Borders Poolside

My gardening efforts have focused on updating the flower beds around the backyard swimming pool and fence. These beds haven’t been changed since the pool was added.

Red clapboard and a white picket fence surround the candy shop

Miss Candy and The Red Berry Candy Shop in Madison, Ohio: A Sweet Stop off Interstate 90

My brother was amazed at the selection of candies on display. He swore that any candy you could think of from our childhood was in stock. Bottle Caps, Runts, Lemonheads, Mallo Cups, Garbage Pail Kids, Bazooka bubble gum – you name it, Miss Candy had it.

Dad and Mom with baby.

Your Eldest Daughter Is the Female Version of Her Father

Thank you, Dad. We’re grateful to have you as our first and best teacher.

You Can Transplant Spring-blooming Bulbs Year Round

Transplanting spring-blooming bulbs at any time of year is possible. Although we’ve been trained by…

purple, yellow, pink, and blue watercolor painting of Easter eggs

Egg Hunts for Easter That Are Fun and Free

As Kara got older, her creativity blossomed. She devised an egg hunt where coupons redeemable for specific prizes were in the eggs instead of the prizes themselves.

Such a smart girl!

Zucchini fries come out of oven crispy and browned

Stan’s Baked Zucchini “Fries”

Calling these veggies “fries” also makes them attractive to kids and means you may be able to get your little ones to give them a try.

Roasted vegetables served over rice and drizzled with sunflower butter dressing

Roasted Vegetables and Rice Is a MIND Diet Home Run

Roasted vegetables and rice for dinner fits with one of our 2022 goals: Eat More…

A covered casserole dish is perfect for beef pot roast.

Braised Meats on the Winter Menu

The meat is cooked in the liquid in a covered casserole dish or Dutch oven under low heat for several hours. As the liquid is absorbed by the meat and reduced, you end up with a succulent dish with complex flavors.

Thumbprint cookies filled with pink cherry frosting

Thumbprint Cookies Make Your Christmas Tray Classic

Introduce your family to the flavors of classic Christmas cookies by including these thumbprint gems on your holiday cookie platter.

A gingerbread man ornament appears to be running away from the cookie cutter

Do You Need A Break From Another Hallmark Christmas?

Here are a few picks that will liven up your holiday viewing without giving you that sickly sweet feeling in your stomach or general numbness in your brain.

Watercolor picture of leafless elm silhouetted against sunset sky

The Mystery: Crime Is Only the Beginning

The problem is that after reading or watching enough crime and mystery stories you get pretty good at unveiling the murderer.

Caramelizing the chicken pieces with the chopped onions and carrots

Chicken in a Pot with Turmeric and Lemon

Fall weather brings with it the desire to cozy up and eat something warm and delicious. Chicken in a Pot is one of those dishes that seems perfect for the occasion.

Honey Deuce craft cocktail is served poolside

You’ll “Love” the US Open’s Refreshing “Honey Deuce”

The Honey Deuce is the perfect cocktail for these last days of summer.

crumbled feta tops the fresh peach and corn

Fresh Peach and Corn Salad with Lemony Vinaigrette

Both the fresh peach and corn added to the salad are raw and that may surprise you – it surprised me. But the combo tastes fantastic.