Wildflower Scavenger Hunt is Outdoor Fun For All Ages

A wildflower scavenger hunt, anyone?

If you have a park, field, or woods nearby, head out during May and June on a scavenger hunt to see if you can find these flowers. Some will be easy, some a bit harder to find.

Click on the drawing for a color photo and more information.

Good luck to you, enjoy the spring day!

For more wildflower information check out May Flowers in Garden and Woods Welcome a New Season.

dandelion is a common wildflower found all over the US.

A drawing of Jack-in-the-pulpit shows off the plant's three leaf structure.

Forget-Me-Not is another common wildflower.

Flag iris is found in swampy areas.

Honeysuckle is an invasive wildflower (actually a shrub) with a sweet fragrance.

Dog-toothed violets sprinkle the ground in springtime and are beautiful wildflowers.

Sweet woodruff foliage is a distinguishing characteristic that makes this plant easier to find on this wildflower scavenger hunt.

Wild strawberries bear tint fruit that has loads of flavor.

Wild roses are wildflower shrubs that  form a natural hedge at the edges of woods.

Large white flowers of the trillium are easy to spot in the woods.

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Author: A. JoAnn

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