Halloween pumpkin banner

Crafts for the Non-Crafty: Halloween Pumpkin Banner, $5 and 5 Minutes

Get thee to Target, asap! The Dollar Spot stuff doesn’t hang around long, and this pumpkin banner is so cute and so inexpensive, you’ll kick yourself when the supplies are sold out.

I’m not a big crafter, mostly because my goal is to purge our house of too much stuff! A tastefully placed banner for Halloween, though, is just about right. Add the fact that it will take about 5 minutes to make it, and cost $5, and you have yourself a winner!
supplies needed for Halloween pumpkin banner


2 packs of vellum pumpkin cut outs

1 wooden circles banner



hole punch



Decide on a pattern, and how you want to layer the vellum pumpkins on the wooden circles.

layering the vellum pumpkins
Decide how you want to layer and order your pumpkins.

Mark where to punch holes in the pumpkins.

marking the placement of holes on vellum pumpkins


Punch holes.

Restring wooden circles with vellum pumpkins. (You should wrap tape around the end of the twine to make threading easier.)

vellum pumpkin punched and ready to string on Halloween banner

Tie loops onto ends of twine and hang your Halloween banner. Boom, it’s done!


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