Fast and Easy Protein Pancakes That Taste Fab!

Do you find that you do better, food-wise, when starting your day with protein rather than just carbs? My appetite is under better control when I balance what I eat. Still, those donuts and pancakes sure are tempting.

I had some low-fat ricotta cheese in the fridge, and decided to experiment with a pancake made with the cheese. The result was so good that I ate every pancake; then, I did it again the next day!

Here is the delicious recipe, guaranteed to keep your appetite satisfied better than plain old “carb”cakes. Plus, your kids won’t even know that they are made with cheese!

Ricotta Cheese Protein Pancakes


Canola oil for fry pan

1/2 c. buttermilk-flavored biscuit baking mix

1/3 c. low-fat ricotta cheese

1 egg

1/3-1/2 c. milk, add until consistency is right for pancakes


Cover bottom of fry pan or griddle with oil and heat on medium.

Mix remaining ingredients in bowl until you have a smooth batter.

Ladle or pour batter into the heated fry pan. When the cakes form bubbles, gently flip them over and continue cooking until golden brown.

Pancakes frying on one side with small air bubbles forming on surface
When small bubbles form, it’s time to flip the pancakes.

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Serve with fruit, powdered sugar, or maple syrup.


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