How to Make Tea Like an Englishman

We’ve lost the art of how to make tea.

It’s an easy recipe.  We just don’t use it, or know it, because we’ve been tea bag brainwashed for decades.

You will need:

    1. A good loose-leaf tea.  For a full-bodied, spicy flavor, my absolute favorite is Harney & Sons Hot Cinnamon Spice. (It is real tea with spice added, not an herbal tea.)
    2. A measuring spoon
    3. A ceramic teapot
    4. Boiling water – just to the boil.
    5. A strainer
    6. A teacup or mug

Six items may seem like a lot. It’s not. You probably have it all in your kitchen right now, except for the tea.

Here are the steps:

    1. Bring cold, filtered water to a boil. Use about 3/4 c. water for each cup of tea. Double that quantity for a mug.  Add another 3/4 c. water for warming the teapot.
    2. Turn off the heat. Pour a bit of water into the teapot, put on the lid, and swish it around for a few seconds to warm the pot. Discard the water.
    3. Measure and add to the teapot a rounded teaspoon of loose-leaf tea  for each cup you want to make. For a mug, use two rounded teaspoons per mugful.
    4. Add the hot water to the teapot, and replace the lid.
    5. Set a timer for 3 minutes.
    6. When the timer goes off, pour the brewed tea through the strainer into cups or mugs.  The strainer is to catch the tea leaves.
    7. Enjoy a smooth and flavorful cup of tea as good as any you can find anywhere.

As for the extras, the simple (and common sense) things you might want to know:

  1. The choice of “milk or lemon” is offered to the guest.
  2. Sugar is passed, or you can ask how much and add it as requested.

That’s it. You are ready for the tea “big time.”  And if you like your tea plain, and alone with your own fabulous company, so much the easier.

Just in time for chilly weather, a cozy blanket, and a good book.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    This the only way we drank tea in the old days! Never used a tea bag. Brings back memories. We never used sugar or milk! Only honey!
    Great article!

    1. Thanks, Dad. This tea is so good.

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