Countryside view of fields

All Creatures Great and Small on PBS Tonight: Comfort Stories a Soothing Balm

What makes Herriot’s Yorkshire come alive is his obvious love for all creatures great and small, furry or bipedal.

blue skies and layers of mountain views in an Appalachian view

“Hillbilly Elegy” in Howard’s Hands – Different Is Good

Howard shows violence, xenophobia, poverty, and oppression in the film. He just doesn’t add his own (or Vance’s) political narrative to the story.

Best-Selling Books for Cozy Afternoons

I don’t often cry – at movies, or commercials, and especially not when reading a novel – but this one brought me to tears.

Oh, and not because it was bad.  Because it was good.

Classic Halloween picture books

Classic Halloween Picture Books for Kids (And Why You Should Buy Them)

Are spiders scary? Do ghosts want to hurt people? Should you be afraid of monsters? Some of the best picture books want to change our point of view