Hershey, PA: Visiting Hershey Gardens – The Rose Garden

On my way back home last weekend, I stopped to visit Hershey Gardens in Hershey, PA. I wasn’t sure what I would see there. It was that odd time of year – the end of summer, but too soon to call it fall. My garden at home was starting to look a bit ragged, with weeds sprouting up, and the flowers fading.

I had read about Hershey Gardens, and knew that it was a major attraction in Hershey. It opened in 1937 as a rose garden. This was just a couple of years after The Hotel Hershey’s opening. Later, the site expanded to include other perennial and annual plants, trees, herbs, grasses, theme gardens including a children’s garden, and butterfly house. The gardens are, in fact, located just down the hill on the road that leads to the hotel.

yellow rose2
Yellow roses are a favorite. 

I was, to put it mildly, amazed at the color and bloom. I can’t imagine that the rose garden could be more prolific at any other time of year! Almost every specimen was in bloom. The shades of yellow, pink, and coral were vibrant. The gorgeous, sunny, blue sky provided the perfect background.

Arches are embraced by climbing roses.
Arches are embraced by climbing roses.

So, I researched the blooming time of roses, because I was confused. My rose bushes only have one major bloom, in June;  but this garden seemed to be in full glory, with grandifloras, hybrid tea roses, and climbers, to name a few.

And the fragrance! With so many roses blooming together, each breeze brought a fresh, sweet rose aroma. It was not overwhelming at all, but it was fabulous. I’ve never been in a garden that smelled so wonderful!

Garden viewed through rose arch.
a perfect summer morning

Investigation was in order. I found out that bloom time for roses works on a 6-8 week cycle; meaning that after deadheading a rose bloom, it will be 6-8 weeks before the plant will grow a new bud and that bud will bloom. The Santa Clarita Valley Rose Society hosts an informative web page that provides detailed information about the care and feeding of roses.

peach rose
Hybrid Tea Rose “Las Vegas.”


more peach roses
Floribunda Rose “Day Breaker”
botanical building
The conservatory includes a large room for flower shows, restrooms, and a pretty gift shop.


2017-09-02 21.12.27
Statuary is placed perfectly to create a magical setting in the garden.


2017-09-02 21.15.51
Floribunda rose “Jump for Joy.”


2017-09-02 21.19.05
Hybrid tea rose “Good As Gold.”



2017-09-02 21.23.32
Grandiflora Rose “About Face”


At the north end of the property, I found the M.S. Hershey Garden. Here, a rose named after Hershey has been preserved, after many years of decline.

Rose "M.S. Hershey"
Hybrid Tea Rose “M.S. Hershey”

We’ll continue touring Hershey Gardens in our next post. Please come back to enjoy the beauty!


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  1. yashicachris says:

    Well the power was out for 61 hours (who’s counting) but other than that all is good. So many have such a challenge ahead of them!

  2. It is a fun place too! I loved the atmosphere.

  3. A. JoAnn says:

    Good to hear! Positive thoughts sent your way.

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    Thank you we’re doing well. Some squalls with gusts into the 50-60+ mph range and lots of rain. I believe we’ll do just fine as long as Irma behaves herself and weakens some as it moves northward. Tonight will be rough and we’re hoping our power stays on.

  5. A. JoAnn says:

    Thanks! Looking forward to your next post!

  6. A. JoAnn says:

    Thank you. It was so beautiful there – hard to take a bad picture

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    Thank you. Hope you are safe

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    The photos are stunning!

  9. Gorgeous!

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    Lovely pics!

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