Nature’s Masterpiece, The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge

snowfall covers a suburban neighborhood

We are all tired of winter. Yet, we must admit that snowfall creates a masterpiece wherever and whenever it falls. When I read the theme for this week’s photo challenge, “Masterpiece,” it brought to my mind how beautiful snowfall makes the world look.  Even the ugly gets treated to a beautiful crystal overcoat. Mother Nature […]

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Six on Saturday 2-24-18, Itching to Start Gardening

It looks as though winter is really on its way out.  Though, there is always a chance of the white stuff or hard frost through mid-May. The question of when to start gardening in our area has an answer that I don’t like. The common wisdom is start gardening after May 15th! Last year, in […]

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Homemade Granola

Anyone for Homemade Granola? After learning about what is in processed foods, I have been on a quest to clean up what we eat as best I can.  That means making more foods from scratch and that’s fine by me. Granola is one of those foods I’ve always bought packaged. Now, I wonder why?  It’s so […]

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Greek Lentil Soup

Lentil soup's flavor is enhanced with lemon juice

Tired of Lenten fish frys? (or, maybe you never liked them.) One recipe that I think hits the spot at this time of year is Greek Lentil Soup. My mother-in-law gave me this recipe. And, lucky you, I’m willing to share! (This post was originally published on January 18, 2018 and has been updated.) Lentil […]

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Sweet, Sweet Color!

Color What is pink? a rose is pink By a fountain’s brink. What is red? a poppy’s red In its barley bed. What is blue? the sky is blue Where the clouds float thro’. What is white? a swan is white Sailing in the light. What is yellow? pears are yellow, Rich and ripe and […]

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