Blase Bear: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, Are Zoo Animals Wild about Life?

Wistful Wildlife

I will always remember this as one of the most expressive zoo animals I’ve ever see.  It sums up the way I imagine wild animals in captivity must feel.  Though we love taking the kids to the zoo so that they can see animals of the world close up, we must ask ourselves, is it worth the cost?

zoo bear laying its head on its paws


Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge Wildlife

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  1. Considering that most animals in zoos are there because they cannot be released back into the wild, I do believe it is worth the cost. Zoos also provide breeding programs for near extinct animals. They are big on environmental enrichment, education, proper diet etc. And despite all that, if we never have an opportunity to see nature, get close to nature, we never begin to care about our environment.

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