April in the Garden, Six-on-Saturday 4-21-18

The April garden has been tricky this year. One day sun, one day snow. The spring flowers don’t know what to make of all this.

It’s not unusual to have snow in April. This is Northeast Ohio. In fact, my husband and I were married in April, and it rained and snowed on our wedding day.

But to have such consistently cold temperatures is unusual.

So, when the sun occasionally peeks out, I rush for my boots and gloves, and get out there with a rake and pruners.

Supporting Peonies

flower beds are raked out in April. Peony growth is just beginning to sprout through the soil.
Peony plants are waking up, and the hoops are placed, ready to lend support.

The daffodils waited to bloom, and still are being stung by repeated snowfall. I share their “droopy-headed” resignation.

Purples and Blues

Grape hyacinth growth has begun, too. It’s not a favorite spring bulb, mostly because the leaves are so prevalent and scraggly in the border. But, we are a bit starved for color.

Grape hyacinth (Muscari) blooms above abundant grass-like foliage that remains all season
The scraggly leaves of the grape hyacinth (Muscari) are a downside to planting this spring bulb.
A purple primrose blooms in a shade border.
The shy primrose has made its debut.

The primrose petals have taken a beating, but their color remains vibrant.

Under Glass

My little lantern glasshouse has been a great shelter for starting some bare-root plants I found at the local discount store.

Bleeding heart (Dicentra spectabilis) has sent up shoots.

A rhizome of Bleeding heart sends out new growth
Bleeding heart (Dicentra spectabilis)

Honeysuckle “Hawkeye” (Lonicera tatarica) provided a “sneak peek” bloom inside the protection of the glasshouse lantern.

The bloom on this Lonicera looks tropical.

Deer Friends, Again

It’s as if someone rang the dinner bell. I look up and see this friend right outside the dining room window, waiting to eat.

White-tailed doe looks up from grazing in the back yard.
Did someone say “dinner?”

I see some sun cutting through the cloud bank, so off I go! Enjoy your weekend, and check out The Propagator for more garden views from around the world.

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  1. You are good about staking nice and early! The last few years I have been making a bit of a mess of it, but have determined to do better this year. Will i? June will tell!

  2. I like that sweet honeysuckle too. And muscari have an interesting flower when you look closely….I have a lot of them and the leaves are just beginning to appear.

  3. These honeysuckle flowers are very nice compared to mine ( I’ve got 2 lonicera japonica ). You gave me another good idea to have one more, thanks !

  4. Thanks, hey, it’s never too late to start!

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