Lily, We Love You! Six on Saturday, 6-23-18

Enjoy today’s garden photos here, and then check out The Propagator for more photos from gardens around the world.

Lilies are beginning to bloom in Northeast Ohio, and the show is always spectacular. It’s a great reminder that July is on its way, and warm temperatures have arrived.

We’ve had a week of 90’s and some soaking rain. The garden is exploding as if we lived in the tropics.

Lily with orange petals and dark brown stamen
A classic Asiatic lily in bright orange starts off our lily season.

Close behind (exactly one day later), a pink Asiatic lily joins the pageant. I think of Barbie® when I see these colors together!

pink petals with cream triangles in the center, and rust-colored freckles decorate the lily
The pink lily has a cream pattern in the petal centers.

Tradescantia wants to join the party, too. Though I love the color, it is a messy plant, and foliage falls everywhere. Last fall, I transplanted it to a bed with hosta, and the firm hosta leaves seem to do a good job of supporting the tradescantia.

white flowers of hosta and purple flowers of tradescantia
Hosta, like a good friend, offers messy tradescantia some support.

Yes, I have been teased about my urn planters sporting cherry tomato plants. That’s okay, though. I’ll enjoy popping those sweet, sun-warmed tomatoes right into my mouth while I sit on the deck reading the latest thriller 🙂

tomato plant and cucumber plant grow in pots on the deck
Tomatoes, cucumbers, and sage (in the back, clay pots) find a home on our back deck.

The beefsteak tomatoes in the garden “proper” are also growing like gangbusters. The fruit formed on these even before the cherry tomatoes.

a cluster of five green beefsteak tomato fruits
Beefsteak tomato fruits

This last photo is from a recent bike ride in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The daisies looked so bright and sunny along the path.

wild daisies have white petals and bright yellow centers
Daisies are a pretty cheering section along the bike and hike trail.

Enjoy the first Saturday of “true” summer!


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Author: A. JoAnn

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6 thoughts

  1. Love that hosta! Big juicy looking leaves.i always grew tomatoes on the patio but have retreated this year into the greenhouse due to blight being prevalent in the area.

  2. It has cooled off, just in time to get at those pesky weeds. Enjoy your summer at Coppertop, too!

  3. Wow, the lilies are stunning. What a bit of rain can do!

  4. I think tomatoes look great in any sunny spot, so nothing to tease or sneeze at! Those beefsteak are drool=worthy. Your photos do tell a story of rain and much heat — a bit opposite of ours. Happy summer, JoAnn.

  5. Thanks, Fred. The hosta/tradescantia partnership seems to be working.

  6. Gorgeous mix that tradescantias and hostas in bloom !.. I love it ! ( also the orange lily covered with raindrops…)

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