Crisp Air for a Fall Garden, Six on Saturday, 8-25-18

We finally got a decent amount of rain, and a cold front followed, setting the scene for the fall garden.  We can open the windows again, at least until the ragweed pollen starts to fly.

The Garden and Gardener Relax a Bit

The garden is much less temperamental now.  The only big task is weeding, and we’ve got mountains of them.

20180822_202925 (1)

The tri-color dappled willow bushes (Salix integra ‘Hakuro-nishiki’) had a burst of growth, from 2 feet at the start of the season, to over 8 feet today.  I kept them protected with deer netting, and finally took down the net a few days ago.  The deer munched a couple of branches but didn’t seem to like them, and haven’t eaten them since.

Chestnut Tree


I don’t remember these chestnut hulls being so smooth.  I thought they had little spikes.  Is this just the beginning of the fruit?  Will they get spiky later?



Liriope is beginning to bloom in the fall garden.  The purple looks great against the backdrop of Sambucus ‘Black Lace.’

Japanese Anemone Return


What a joy to see Japanese anemone blooming in the garden again.  Though the deer don’t prefer the foliage, they do enjoy eating the flowers.  These were spared thanks to deer netting.

Ageratum’s All Right with Me


Ageratum has done well without netting. I never thought that I liked these fuzzy flowers, but these lovelies have changed my mind.  They look so pretty with the ‘Rose Glow’ barberry and blue juniper bushes.  The bees love them, too.

Caprese Salad


Now, time to really enjoy some fruits of our labor!

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8 thoughts

  1. That anemone’s gorgeous. All our chestnuts here have spikes from the very beginning. If you get an answer to that question, would love to know. Looks a bit different, doesn’t it?

  2. Purple has been my favorite color since I was a little girl!

  3. I’m starting to learn to deal with the deer. I’ve not had much luck getting out there with the spray in time, especially after rain!

  4. I had that same problem, until I moved the liriope into the fenced garden. Rabbits??

  5. Good to know that deer like the anemone flowers since the deer were just here this morning. I’ll have to spray those so they leave them alone.
    That salad looks yummy!

  6. You’re right about the liriope with the sambucus…. lovely colour combo.

  7. Yum ! It’s lunch time here and your caprese salad makes me want to eat !. I also liked ageratum and liriope flowers this week : nice pics

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