Luxembourg Gardens Overflows in Pink

Six-on-Saturday is six pictures of garden beauty, with limited comment!

Last week, I was lucky to have the opportunity to visit Paris and stroll through Luxembourg Gardens.

It was a bit early to see the glory of springtime in Paris, but I enjoyed the beauty that this city is famous for.

Pink hyacinths and coral poppies brighten the day in Luxembourg Gardens.

Though it was cloudy the week of our trip, we managed to avoid most of the rain. I was reminded again and again how the color pink makes any garden look good!

Forsythia provides a focal point.

Luxembourg Gardens brings natural beauty to the neighborhoods of central Paris. Even the tree bark has something to offer the careful observer.

Rain or shine, the primroses and
Jacobaea maritima create a colorful carpet.

The cloudy, threatening skies didn’t keep people away. Just an umbrella was needed to take a stroll across the park and see the meticulously planted beds.

A closer look at the primrose beds.

When the weather doesn’t support massive flower displays, ornamental touches like sculptures round out the views. This sculpture in Luxembourg gardens is called Le Marchand de Masques (The Mask Seller).

Le Marchand de Masques
by Zacharie Astruc

French musicians, writers, and painters are represented in this sculpture, including Corot, Dumas, Berlioz, Carpeaux, Faure, Delacroix, Balzac and Barbey d’Aurevilly and Victor Hugo.

Magnolias begin to flaunt their stuff.

In our last couple of days, we enjoyed the frilly saucer magnolia blooms starting to unfurl. Next week will no doubt bring a full-on bloom of these early flowing trees.

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6 thoughts

  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures!! Im sooo ready for spring!! I was in Lowes 2wks ago hoping to see some flowers!! Nothing!! Yesturday Mason Farms fullfilled my desire!! I’M SOOOO READY FOR PINK!!! LOLO!! Growing up i never liked pink. Purple was fine, but pink was too much. Maybe because my mom painted my room pink…..uuhhgg!!….bless her heart!!!

  2. Thank you for the salvia idea – I think that deer don’t like them, either. I agree with you about the protests. The locals just take it in stride. Of course, the news makes it look bad, and my family was concerned. It was hard to convince them that it was no big thing. Saturday protests, Sunday business as usual.

  3. A visit to Paris is not complete without a protest of some kind. I travel to Paris with work a few times a year. There is a stand of salvia amistad nesr the office which I have yet to see out of flower, regardless of the season. I must pinch a stem or two next time I’m there…

  4. We had a wonderful time, even with protests. Our cab drivers were very protective and steered us out of the melee. We visited Louis Vuitton foundation Saturday morning and Marais in the afternoon. Your city is so beautiful, I hope to visit again someday.

  5. Many photos that I recognize … I hope you have not been bothered by the events of the “Gilets Jaunes” in Paris, especially if you were there Saturday … What a shame for the image of France and for tourism …

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