Photo of red and yellow tomatoes

Farmers Market Saturdays Are Growing On Us

There is debate about whether local produce really tastes better, or if we just think that it does.

Photo of cobalt colored delphinium with ferns, nicotiana, and sweet potato vine

Visit the Cleveland Botanical Gardens

This garden underwent a multimillion dollar update with the construction of a modern, two-story glasshouse.

Clover mixed in a grass lawn

Clover In The Lawn Diet: Should You Plant Clover In Your Lawn? ?

Thinking back to my grandparents’ yard, I don’t recall that they ever applied fertilizer.

A mulched tree bed is edged with stone and brick

To Mulch, Or Not To Mulch? And Other Lawn Care Questions

My “no fuss” solution is to let the grass grow around the tree bases, like inverted grass skirts!

Wildflower Scavenger Hunt is Outdoor Fun For All Ages

Scavenger hunts are interactive fun and keep kids of all ages entertained in the great outdoors.

Deer-Resistant Annuals Bring a Colorful Season to Your Yard

Brightly colored and persistently blooming throughout the growing season, it is hard for any gardener to resist the lure of annuals, even as those doe eyes watch you dig your planting holes.

Deer Resistant Perennials for the Persistent Gardener

There are some plants that have escaped deer “predators” year after year.