June In The Garden

A month has gone by, time to check out what’s happening in the garden.

Sawfly Damage

We had lots of rain in May. I thought the slugs were eating my flowers. Turns out it was sawfly larvae. They were small and green and matched the flower stems so well that I couldn’t see them. But, I saw what they did! The azalea leaves were stripped bare. The roses were devoured. The marigolds, too!

When I finally figured out what was going on, it was too late. I hand-picked some off, but the climbing roses and David Austin hybrid are toast.

2017-06-01 17.27.08





2017-06-01 17.46.11

Nevertheless, we still have some fabulous plants to enjoy!


2017-06-01 20.36.14


2017-06-01 20.19.55
It’s peony time here! Of course, the fuchsias are show-stoppers, but I also like the delicate pinks and whites. 
2017-06-01 20.17.06
Peony “Festiva Maxima.”


The Siberian iris has popped, too.


2017-06-01 20.39.10

2017-06-01 20.38.07

And, the Bearded iris continues to flourish.

2017-06-01 20.30.05



I actually had some rose survivors! They are the tried and true wild roses. I guess there is a reason they’ve been around this long.

2017-06-01 20.21.05
This is a volunteer I found in a flower bed.
2017-06-01 20.24.11
No matter that it’s a wild rose. It is pretty, and smells divine!


These flowers are so bright that I had difficulty photographing them. The leaves get a bit sloppy, but the fluorescent show goes on all summer.

2017-06-01 20.31.36


This ornamental elderberry is one of the few purple-colored foliage plants that I grow. Because we have a lot of shade, the darker plants don’t thrive. The pink lace flowers against the dark leaves look elegant.

2017-06-01 20.27.50
Elderberry “Sambucus nigra.”



The berries must love the rain, because they’ve never looked this good. I’ve got to get the netting up before the jays find them.

2017-06-01 20.26.42



When I planted this climbing hydrangea, it was in a gallon pot. It took a few years to really get growing, but now it is going gangbusters!

2017-06-01 20.18.39

That wraps up the latest blooms around here. What’s “growing on” in your garden?


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  1. A. JoAnn says:

    And we are looking forward to seeing them!

  2. I love peonies! Looking forward to growing some in the States.

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