a bowl of peas, carrots, asparagus, grilled onion

Easy Veggies for Every Day

This is so easy, even though the steps look long. It really is a matter of having everything prepped before you cook. I think the onion is 100 times better grilled, and since I’m grilling the meat, it isn’t any more trouble.

wheat berry salad dotted with almonds, crtanberries, oranges, and kale

Wheat Berry Salad Makes a Healthy and Filling Main Course

I combined the ideas from several recipes, looked at what I had in the fridge, and set about to put these grains to good use. (This is often my approach. I call it seat-of-the-pants cooking.)

Spanakopita: Not Your Mama’s Recipe, So Bring on the Greens

Over the years, I have discovered that you can freeze spanakopita before baking it; when you are ready to eat it, just put the frozen, prepared pie into a cold oven and then set the oven to 350°F. It may take an hour for the pie to warm through.

Easy Feta Appetizer with a Little Something Special

Sometimes (most times), simple is best. This appetizer/side dish/salad is fantastic with pita triangles.