Vegetable lasagna is golden brown and served on a blue plate

Vegetable Lasagna with White Sauce

This vegetable lasagna recipe is versatile, perfect for any season, and can accommodate various prep times. It features lasagna noodles, with an option for whole grain, and a mix of over six cups of sautéed veggies such as broccoli and spinach. It can be made easier with precooked noodles and pre-shredded cheese, and allows for personal adaptations. The bechamel sauce, traditionally made with butter and milk, can also be plant-based. Tips include using one pot for prep to minimize cleanup.

Chopped romaine and radicchio leaves make a crispy salad.

Chick Pea and Radicchio Salad

Crispy romaine lettuce, earthy sundried tomatoes, and fiber-filled chick peas make a main dish salad that’s healthy and filling.

Caulif;ower is served with crispy bread crumb coating.

Panko-Crusted Roast Cauliflower

The seasonings and bread crumbs add so much an otherwise kind of bland veggie that it can actually make a meatless meal by adding soft flour tortillas, easy coleslaw, and your favorite hot sauce or guacamole.

Red clapboard and a white picket fence surround the candy shop

Miss Candy and The Red Berry Candy Shop in Madison, Ohio: A Sweet Stop off Interstate 90

My brother was amazed at the selection of candies on display. He swore that any candy you could think of from our childhood was in stock. Bottle Caps, Runts, Lemonheads, Mallo Cups, Garbage Pail Kids, Bazooka bubble gum – you name it, Miss Candy had it.

Zucchini fries come out of oven crispy and browned

Stan’s Baked Zucchini “Fries”

Calling these veggies “fries” also makes them attractive to kids and means you may be able to get your little ones to give them a try.

Roasted vegetables served over rice and drizzled with sunflower butter dressing

Roasted Vegetables and Rice Is a MIND Diet Home Run

Roasted vegetables and rice for dinner fits with one of our 2022 goals: Eat More…

A covered casserole dish is perfect for beef pot roast.

Braised Meats on the Winter Menu

The meat is cooked in the liquid in a covered casserole dish or Dutch oven under low heat for several hours. As the liquid is absorbed by the meat and reduced, you end up with a succulent dish with complex flavors.

Thumbprint cookies filled with pink cherry frosting

Thumbprint Cookies Make Your Christmas Tray Classic

Introduce your family to the flavors of classic Christmas cookies by including these thumbprint gems on your holiday cookie platter.

Caramelizing the chicken pieces with the chopped onions and carrots

Chicken in a Pot with Turmeric and Lemon

Fall weather brings with it the desire to cozy up and eat something warm and delicious. Chicken in a Pot is one of those dishes that seems perfect for the occasion.

crumbled feta tops the fresh peach and corn

Fresh Peach and Corn Salad with Lemony Vinaigrette

Both the fresh peach and corn added to the salad are raw and that may surprise you – it surprised me. But the combo tastes fantastic.

A three-tier tray displays lemon squares and ricotta cheese cookies.

Staying Social with an Outdoor Birthday Tea Party

This Covid Birthday Tea Party will be a fond memory and a reminder that socializing with friends is so important, even during a pandemic.

Lemon ginger tea tastes great with ricotta cheese cookies

Ricotta Cheese Cookies Are a Treasured Italian Family Recipe

Leave it to my friend Denise to “show me the way.” She generously shared her family recipe with me, and now with you!

Photo of soup garnished with creme fraiche and fresh chives

It’s Easy to Create and Share a Digital Recipe File

Both my son and daughter use the digital method to share cooking and grocery shopping responsibilities. They include agreed upon, tested recipes. This cuts down on return trips to the market for forgotten ingredients and saves the back-and-forth of “What do you want to eat tonight?

penne pasta served with chopped broccolini

Penne with Broccolini for a Delicious Meatless Meal

One of the best things about this veggie is that the buds, leaves, and stalks are edible. So prep is simple washing it and trimming the stalk ends. There’s very little waste.

Honey-Baked Feta Is a Simple Way to Raise the Flavor Bar

Honey-baked feta is great on crusty bread slices as a snack or side, in an omelette, or topping stuffed, baked peppers.