Watercolor picture of leafless elm silhouetted against sunset sky

The Mystery: Crime Is Only the Beginning

The problem is that after reading or watching enough crime and mystery stories you get pretty good at unveiling the murderer.

Caramelizing the chicken pieces with the chopped onions and carrots

Chicken in a Pot with Turmeric and Lemon

Fall weather brings with it the desire to cozy up and eat something warm and delicious. Chicken in a Pot is one of those dishes that seems perfect for the occasion.

crumbled feta tops the fresh peach and corn

Fresh Peach and Corn Salad with Lemony Vinaigrette

Both the fresh peach and corn added to the salad are raw and that may surprise you – it surprised me. But the combo tastes fantastic.

A New Start, A New Garden

If you’ve never tried gardening but are curious about it, I encourage you to give it a go. Yes, it can be a lot of work. But it’s also good exercise, meditative, and personally satisfying.

This potato salad is best served at room temperature

German Potato Salad Makes Perfect Picnic Fare

Give the potatoes time to soak up some of the dressing before serving at room temperature. Don’t worry about storage – there won’t be any leftovers!

Irritating Plant Allergies You Should Know About

I remember pulling dead leaves off my euphorbia. Did I wash my hands or scratch after removing gloves? Did I wear gloves? I honestly can’t remember.

A three-tier tray displays lemon squares and ricotta cheese cookies.

Staying Social with an Outdoor Birthday Tea Party

This Covid Birthday Tea Party will be a fond memory and a reminder that socializing with friends is so important, even during a pandemic.

Lemon ginger tea tastes great with ricotta cheese cookies

Ricotta Cheese Cookies Are a Treasured Family Recipe

Leave it to my friend Denise to “show me the way.” She generously shared her family recipe with me, and now with you!

A fountain among primroses and astilbe

Will Intermittent Fasting Lead Us to The Fountain of Youth?

There really is science behind the current fasting diets, and all it may take is doing a regular 16-24 hour fast to see long-term benefits.

Lots of vegetables and berries are a part of the TB12 eating plan.

It’s Super Bowl Sunday. Should You Eat Like Tom Brady?

Is this eating plan doable? We shall see – after the Super Bowl.

Photo of onion, radishes, cauliflower, broccoli, squash, and strawberries

Local Produce Means You’ll Eat Well in 2021

Unless you do your research, it isn’t always clear what produce is seasonal and locally grown.

watercolor of red and pink potted cyclamen

Love, Valentine’s Day

I still get sentimental when I pass a cellophane-protected display of pink and red cyclamen ready for purchase, or a package of lacy paper doilies.

Photo of soup garnished with creme fraiche and fresh chives

It’s Easy to Create and Share a Digital Recipe File

Both my son and daughter use the digital method to share cooking and grocery shopping responsibilities. They include agreed upon, tested recipes. This cuts down on return trips to the market for forgotten ingredients and saves the back-and-forth of “What do you want to eat tonight?

Countryside view of fields

All Creatures Great and Small on PBS Tonight: Comfort Stories a Soothing Balm

What makes Herriot’s Yorkshire come alive is his obvious love for all creatures great and small, furry or bipedal.

penne pasta served with chopped broccolini

Penne with Broccolini for a Delicious Meatless Meal

One of the best things about this veggie is that the buds, leaves, and stalks are edible. So prep is simple washing it and trimming the stalk ends. There’s very little waste.

Soniccare toothbrush is all white and unobtrusive on the bathroom counter

Keeping It Clean in 2021: Sonicare Toothbrushing

My children bought me a Phillips Sonicare Toothbrush for Christmas. Because I asked for one.

Winey Resolutions for a Hope Filled New Year

Can some of these antioxidants help keep the brain sharp? Can they slow or reverse the amyloid accumulations?

The copper mine featured in Poldark is a National Trust property

Quality Quarantine Part 2: Small Screen Series

My kids are quick to point out, that I’m all about British crime series and British productions in general.