Complete Your Exercise in 40 Minutes with the Jog Walk, No Gym Required

The jog walk is my latest attempt to convince myself that I am a dedicated exercise enthusiast. Perhaps this approach can help you, too.

The Psychology of Exercise

Do you wish that you could enjoy exercise?

Yes, I know, there are people out there who love to exercise.  I’m not one of them.

I’m the person who would rather curl up with a book (and some cookies), than get on the treadmill.  My doctors have told me that exercise is my medicine, and I need it every day.

They are right, and the evidence in support just keeps building.  The latest is that physical exercise will not only let us live longer, but that it helps us avoid dementia (link here).  So, yes, it is medicine.  Medicine that we all need to take.

Are We There Yet?  Minimums and Maximums to a Successful Jog Walk

There’s a lot of information (research) on how much, how long, what time, and what kind, as far as optimum exercise.  My favorite saying is:

Now is better than later, and some is better than none.

For me, I know that I need at least 3 days a week, but 5 would be better and 7 would be

You must listen to your body and respond in kind.  If you hurt, cut back.  If it seems to easy, push a little.

Aerobic exercise (in my target heart-rate zone) for 40 minutes 3 times a week is really my minimum for staying in shape and maintaining a stable body weight.  You adjust from there.

Lately, I’ve not wanted to do steep hills (I think I’m bored with that hike.)  So, I tried something different that I like.  You may like it, too.

I call it the jog walk.

It’s a great way to get your maximum in the minimum.  Here’s how.

Walk for a couple of minutes, to loosen up.  Then, start a light jog.  Jog until you are in your target heart-rate zone (link here). Then, go back to walking.

Repeat this same process until you have completed 40-50 minutes of the jog walk.  Done!

Important Notes about the Jog Walk

  • You need to wear a heart-rate monitor, or know your body to tell when you are in your zone. (affiliate link here).

This Polar heart-rate monitor is the one I use.  It’s lasted for years, with only battery replacement needed. Click on photo for more info. 

  • You need to know your target heart-rate zone.
  • You can’t worry about what others think.  If you feel silly jogging only 30 seconds and then walking, this will not work for you.
  • Wear running shoes.

You’ve Got This!


As you build lung capacity and muscle, you may find yourself jogging a bit longer, walking a bit less. So be it!  Enjoy your new-found vitality, and feel proud of what you’ve accomplished.

Perhaps I’ll see you on our next jog walk!


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2 thoughts

  1. Right?! And it is tailor made to each person, no matter their starting fitness level. I love your name for it. I think I’ll go wogging now 🙂

  2. Kristyn Haschka says:

    This is a great method. I call it wogging and it does quickly build stamima. I can now wog up to 5 miles, a distance that was uncomfortable for me to just run.

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