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For The Love of Clean Windows

Looking out of clean windows is a pleasure.  The only problem is, window cleaning can be an intimidating process.

A friend once told me that in addition to spring window cleaning, she also does a fall cleaning as late as possible, sometimes in November. That way, her windows stay clean for the first snow fall and the holidays. I tried to do that, but ended up with only half of my windows clean. It got too cold, too fast.

So, today, I began to wash the windows in earnest. It’s a lot of work, because it’s not just cleaning the glass, but the frames and screens as well.

Break Up the Window Cleaning Job

In order to manage the job, I work on sections of the house on any given day.

For example, I started today on the upstairs windows.  Friday, I’ll tackle downstairs back of the house. Next Monday, I’ll finish with the downstairs front windows. This makes the job less overwhelming and let’s me get other things done.

Tools and Solutions

Over the years, I’ve tried different cleaning products.  Now, I find basics are best.

I like using a small bit of laundry detergent and a cup of vinegar in a bucket of warm water.

Laundry detergent rinses easily and doesn’t streak.

The vinegar cuts through grime because it is an acid. The glass sparkles.

Tackling Inside and Out

On the outside of the windows, I spray with the garden hose, then wash the windows with a washcloth and the soap solution.

Sometimes, I use a non-scratch scrubber pad if there is a lot of dirt and film. I spray again to rinse. Then, I use a squeegee, and clean towel to dry any drips.

I have tilt-in windows, but I find it fast and easy to get the outside clean from the outside!

On the inside, it’s the same routine except for the hose. I use a damp washcloth in the soap solution, have a separate rinse washcloth and bucket of clean water, and then use cotton rags to dry the windows. The detergent and water solution is good for cleaning the sills and frames, too. Be sure to have some old towels to dry up any drips.

If your curtains are machine washable (recommended), run them while you are washing the windows.  They will be damp, but not dripping when they are done, so I hang them right back up to finish drying.  Beautiful!


The joy of clean windows in spring!


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