white amaryllis with pink striping

Six on Saturday, December 30, 2017

To close out the year, let’s take a virtual tour of the Cleveland Botanical Garden. In the past decade, the garden has grown and added so many wonderful attractions and exhibits. At Christmastime, it is a magical place filled with the delicious smells of gingerbread and sweets, the colorful bracts of poinsettia, and the welcome waves of warm air and birdsong in the tropical glass house. Get ready to be wowed!

Poinsettia Autumn leaves shows apricot colored bracts in a warm apricot
Poinsettia “Autumn leaves” is a stunner, with bracts aging to a deep golden apricot.

Ideas for planters are found around every corner of the indoor displays, which offer a warm welcome from the frigid temperatures that have enveloped the Midwest.

The Christmas planters include red, green and white colored flowers and foliage.
Christmas planters include hydrangea, cyclamen, and decorative branches.


white amaryllis with pink striping
Scores of amaryllis illuminate the darker foliage that covers the tropical forest floor.

I don’t know much (Okay, anything!) about orchids, except that they are beautiful.

What would Christmas be without the Christmas cactus! Look closely, and you’ll see a butterfly sitting among the blossoms.

Christmas cactus blooms in a bright cherry color
A butterfly is well camouflaged among the bright cerise blooms.

Even green is a welcome color at this time of year.

The canopy walk in the rainforest offers views of the ground that include shade of green with pops of red and pink.
A view of the rainforest floor from the canopy walk.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed our tropical journey! Please visit The Propagator for more beautiful photos from around the world!

To see the Cleveland Botanical Garden in summer, follow the link.


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4 comments on “Six on Saturday, December 30, 2017”
  1. A. JoAnn says:

    It is such a beautiful place to visit. I am so bad at keeping houseplants, though. I think I’ll leave it to the pros.

  2. Lora Hughes says:

    What a lovely warming post for this time of year! Makes me want to up my indoor plant game. Thanks!

  3. A. JoAnn says:

    Definitely! The entire neighborhood around the garden, called University Circle, is filled with museums and cultural attractions. It is a gem that we try to take advantage of throughout the year.

  4. koolaidmoms says:

    Lovely! I may have to visit next time we are in Cleveland!

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