Blue pulmonaria, rhubarb and forsythia fill the garden with texture and color

Making Every Garden Border a Potager: Six on Saturday 5-19-18

I’ve got basil growing in the front, along with rose bushes.  Why not? Basil looks good all season long.

American basswood flowers and seeds

Six on Saturday, 1-27-18: Sketches

I have great intentions, but the atmosphere isn’t propelling me into any of the gardening preparations I could begin now.

red geranium

Six on Saturday, 10-21-17

The geranium survived a herd of deer passing through the yard yesterday. It’s one of the bright spots left as the season winds down.

aster "Frikartii"

Six On Saturday 9-30-17

Honestly, I tried to see why this is called turtlehead and never got it – until I looked closely at this picture!

Clover mixed in a grass lawn

Clover In The Lawn Diet: Should You Plant Clover In Your Lawn? ?

Thinking back to my grandparents’ yard, I don’t recall that they ever applied fertilizer.

Deer-Resistant Annuals Bring a Colorful Season to Your Yard

Brightly colored and persistently blooming throughout the growing season, it is hard for any gardener to resist the lure of annuals, even as those doe eyes watch you dig your planting holes.

Deer Resistant Perennials for the Persistent Gardener

There are some plants that have escaped deer “predators” year after year.