Type 3 Diabetes – Beating Sugar Addiction

Even people with elevated blood sugar levels, though not technically diabetic, may experience cognitive decline.

Top Snacks with Little Added Sugar – Beating Sugar Addiction

Dark chocolate contains flavonoid antioxidants, the chemical linked to arresting the development of cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Insulin’s Role In Beating Sugar Addiction

We were once told that no matter the source of sugars in your diet, even from the sugars naturally occurring in foods like produce and dairy, the body treats it all the same.

That is not true.

Sugar Content in Alcoholic Beverages – Beating Sugar Addiction

Does limiting sugar intake mean that the glass of wine you enjoy at dinnertime is now “off the table?”

patio table set with appetizers

Went to a Garden Party

The party honored our newly married nephew and his wife.   The garden and its cool shade provided a serene setting for the happy occasion.

photo of walkway to restored barn winery

Sarah’s Vineyard Winery: Enjoying a Beautiful Summer Evening

When our pizza arrived, I was surprised that the waiter slid it from the pan right onto the paper table cover.

You Can Survive (and Thrive) on a Vacation Off-the-grid

It was warm and sunny during the day, and cool at night.  We didn’t need heat or air conditioning.  This is a huge energy saver.

Full bodied red and white wine glasses

A.Joann a Year Ago This Week: “Choosing The Best Wine Glass”

In the end, what really matters is that you find what pleases and brings enjoyment to you.

It’s Not Me; It’s You — Table for 5

My sister-in-law pinned this down perfectly! Cars, people, dog poop. Ah, summer in the city.…

Mug of pomegranate fizz with lime slice

Re-hydrate with Easy, Lower-Sugar, Classic Summer Drinks

Here are some of our family favorites that will quench your thirst.  An added bonus: they are easy to make, and they have a lot less sugar than store-bought choices.

Complete Your Exercise in 40 Minutes with the Jog Walk, No Gym Required

I’m the person who would rather curl up with a book (and some cookies), than get on the treadmill.  My doctors have told me that exercise is my medicine, and I need it every day.

Himalayan salt lamp emits a rosy glow

What’s the Deal with Himalayan Salt Lamps?

As long as you don’t expect medical miracles from this natural sculpture, enjoy the pleasant mood that it creates!

U.S. Travel: Damariscotta, Maine Is Your Ideal Summer Get-Away

When I think of “quintessential Eastern Seaboard villages,” Damariscotta, Maine comes to mind.

snowfall covers a suburban neighborhood

Nature’s Masterpiece, The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge

We are all tired of winter. Yet, we must admit that snowfall creates a masterpiece…