Insulin’s Role In Beating Sugar Addiction

We were once told that no matter the source of sugars in your diet, even from the sugars naturally occurring in foods like produce and dairy, the body treats it all the same.

That is not true.

Reasons Why You Should Beat Your Sugar Addiction

There’s so much to talk about, let’s take 30 days to do it!  Please feel free to add comments and suggestions, highs and lows, whatever you are thinking, as we break our sugar addiction together!

Went to a Garden Party

The party honored our newly married nephew and his wife.   The garden and its cool shade provided a serene setting for the happy occasion.

It’s Not Me; It’s You — Table for 5

My sister-in-law pinned this down perfectly! Cars, people, dog poop. Ah, summer in the city. Well Manhattan, I am finally doing it. I’ve finally worked up the nerve and guts to say it out loud. You and me are OVER. DONE. Yes, you heard me correctly. No more threats and ultimatums; the gig is up….