Day lily bloom shows a bright yellow throt with dark peach colored outer petals

Great Flower and Garden Photos With A Camera Phone, Six on Saturday 7-28-18

Not every picture speaks a thousand words, but once in a while you capture something…

Awakening from a Seed Coat Slumber

The young seedling needs no nutrients at the beginning of its life, as the nutrition contained within the seed provides enough energy for the plant to begin growing.

A misty view of the Pacific from the Main Trail to the Hillside Trail

Hillside Trail and Muir Woods National Monument

If you are a hiker of modest ability, continue on the Main Trail a couple of miles, and you will leave the crowds behind.

The Sun Also Rises: Capturing a Sun Rise Is a Challenge

What I love most about Hemingway’s works are his characters.They seem real, yet so eccentric;Ā  almost stereotypes.

snowfall covers a suburban neighborhood

Nature’s Masterpiece, The Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge

We are all tired of winter. Yet, we must admit that snowfall creates a masterpiece…

zoo bear laying its head on its paws

Blase Bear: Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge, Are Zoo Animals Wild about Life?

Though we love taking the kids to the zoo so that they can see animals of the world close up, we must ask ourselves, is it worth the cost?

Red and white poinsettia in a basket

Predictably Poinsettia

When using the photo editing software, I tried increasing the saturation and contrast to get a clear and vibrant red. It didn’t work.