The Color Purple in Home and Garden

Photo of purple mushroom

Purple in home and garden?

Why not?

Purple draws attention, and a smile.

If you are looking for a special accent color, whether in paint, fabric, or flowers, consider shades of purple. From lilac to eggplant, there’s a purple for just about everything.


A purple trellis is a happy accent in the Hershey Gardens Children’s Garden.  See more photos of these beautiful gardens here and here.

growing veggies in the children's garden
Bright trellises for veggies

Orchid Mania at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens is an annual extravaganza.  Read about it and see more photos here.

Purple orchids

Found this purple mushroom in the yard a few years back.  It looks fake, but it’s the real thing.

Photo of purple mushroom
Purple mushroom


Cee’s Fun Photo Challenge: “Purple.”


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