Mushrooms Bloom, Six on Saturday, September 1, 2018

What happens when it starts raining after a period of drought? Out pop the mushrooms.

Today’s six are photos of mushrooms (and various fungi) I encountered on my hikes this week.  You can see more photos from gardeners around the world at The Propagator.

I.D., Please

I started trying to identify the mushrooms for you, but discovered that I couldn’t, with certainty, positively name these species.  There are so many mushrooms that look so much alike!  I don’t want to be the cause of a poisonous mushroom-eating tragedy.

Mushrooms Grow on You

Have you ever grown mushrooms?  There are mushroom growing kits that you can buy.  It seems like a lot of fuss, though, if you can just pick them up at the market.

In the excellent novel, The Book Unknown Americans, by Cristina Henriquez, the description of a man working at a mushroom farm squashed any ambition I might have to grow mushrooms.

an oyster shaped yellow-orange mushroom with frilled edges

This yellow-orange mushroom was growing from the base of a rotted log.



These mushrooms have a pretty, watercolor look to them.



The brains of the bunch! I think this is a type of coral fungus.





These orange can-can girls lined up on the log.



A flying saucer look with a circle of dots caps this mushroom.

Three large white capped mushrooms


These giants are as big as dinner plates.  They were growing in the lawn outside of our town hall.  I was headed into the building department to get some specs for fences, and I saw these humongous discs!  I thought they might be fake, like lawn art.  Nope, they were real.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed today’s mushroom blooms.  Feel free to offer advice about the I.D. of these species in the comments section below.



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6 thoughts

  1. Well, you are 10-15 varieties ahead of me!

  2. Fascinating shapes and colours- the coral one is not unlike the cauliflower fungus I found growing in my garden last Autumn.

  3. Oh, these are fun! Instead of dinnerplate dahlias you have dinnerplate mushrooms! It’s not quite the season for mushrooms yet here.

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