Wet and Wild in the Garden, Six on Saturday 9-15-18

Last weekend, the skies let loose the rain that didn’t come in August.

Raindrops cling to a close-up photo of White Pine needles.
The raindrops looked like crystals sprinkled on the garden.
water-filled wheelbarrow
This full-size wheelbarrow collected about six inches of rain water.

The first day was great. The steady rain softened the soil and made dividing the Siberian iris easy.

I parked the wheelbarrow next to the new bed and thought I’d plant the divisions the next day.

I was wrong. The steady rain continued for two more days.  When it ended, the wheelbarrow looked like a muddy pond. The iris didn’t seem to mind at all.

a concrete planter among greenery in the garden

Before the deluge, I stopped in to a local garden center “just to look.”  I couldn’t resist lugging out a beautiful concrete planter marked 70% off.

The perfect spot for the planter happened to be loaded with Siberian iris that needed dividing.  You know how that goes – it became garden dominoes.

this pot is glazed a Mediterranean blue

I’ve collected a number of pots this season.  Most are a shade of blue.  They bring to mind water, and I think that’s why I like them so much in the garden.


Purple Buddleia marked with a copper plant label.
A new Buddleia plant will (hopefully) be remembered next year.

It took a few decades and many blunders to realize that I needed to mark some plants.  These copper plant markers were reasonably priced.  I hope they last through our Midwest winters.


a metalwork bell hangs over a flower border

The rain brings with it some cooler air and the sound of frogs and crickets in the night.

That’s my six for this week.  To see happenings in gardens all over the world, visit The Propagator.


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6 thoughts

  1. Oh yes, plant markers. Such a necessity for me as I often can’t ID plants or remember where I put bulbs. I like your new pot and also the blue one which is a most vibrant colour.

  2. Nice pictures Joann! I like your concrete planter and also copper markers despite the amount of rain you had. Your choices for the layout of your garden are very good.

  3. I like the look of those copper markers, JoAnn. Your new deal-of-a-planter looks good in that setting. Yesterday I spent a few hours digging and dividing irises as well. We haven’t had your amount of rain, but enough showers have finally softened our earth and it needed doing.

  4. You are so right! Hope you aren’t getting too much rain there…

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