Keeping It Clean in 2021: Sonicare Toothbrushing

31 Days of Resolutions – Day 7

My children bought me a Phillips Sonicare Toothbrush for Christmas. Because I asked for one.

Well, I asked for an electric toothbrush and they researched and decided on the Sonicare.

I was experiencing reduced mobility in my hands and thought I wasn’t brushing properly. The number of cavities revealed in my last dental checkup confirmed that suspicion.

After using the Sonicare a few times my teeth definitely felt cleaner.

Why Sonic Toothbrushes?

Firstly, this toothbrush vibrates but not fast enough to be technically “sonic.” it does vibrate quite rapidly. It’s a back and forth and pulsing motion, as distinguished from the Oral B electric toothbrush’s circular motion.

Even with the rapid vibration, this isn’t as intense as the cleaning you’ll get at the dentist’s office. But it is better than what you can produce with a manual toothbrush.

The size of the brush is also distinctive. It’s very small.

Although that may not seem beneficial, I’ve been finding it much easier to brush the very last molars. And it’s easier, in general, to move the small brush around each tooth.

Mixing It Up Between Sonicare and Oral B

A few of the dentists’ reviews recommended using the electric toothbrush once a day and alternating with a manual so as not to wear away your dental enamel. Or, using the Oral B rotating head alternately with the Sonicare.

Flossing once a day is still a necessity, no matter which brushes you choose.

Sparkly Clean

My teeth are smoother and whiter, no question about it.

And the fact that my breath is not smelly in the morning really convinces me that this toothbrush makes a difference.

If you’re considering new technology in oral hygiene, I think Sonicare is worth the investment, (mid-range models are around $70-$100), especially in light of the costs of fillings and crowns.

I’m actually looking forward to my next checkup to see the results of this new, fresh mouth.

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