This potato salad is best served at room temperature

German Potato Salad Makes Perfect Picnic Fare

Give the potatoes time to soak up some of the dressing before serving at room temperature. Don’t worry about storage – there won’t be any leftovers!

A three-tier tray displays lemon squares and ricotta cheese cookies.

Staying Social with an Outdoor Birthday Tea Party

This Covid Birthday Tea Party will be a fond memory and a reminder that socializing with friends is so important, even during a pandemic.

A fountain among primroses and astilbe

Will Intermittent Fasting Lead Us to The Fountain of Youth?

There really is science behind the current fasting diets, and all it may take is doing a regular 16-24 hour fast to see long-term benefits.

Lots of vegetables and berries are a part of the TB12 eating plan.

It’s Super Bowl Sunday. Should You Eat Like Tom Brady?

Is this eating plan doable? We shall see – after the Super Bowl.

Photo of onion, radishes, cauliflower, broccoli, squash, and strawberries

Local Produce Means You’ll Eat Well in 2021

Unless you do your research, it isn’t always clear what produce is seasonal and locally grown.

Soniccare toothbrush is all white and unobtrusive on the bathroom counter

Keeping It Clean in 2021: Sonicare Toothbrushing

My children bought me a Phillips Sonicare Toothbrush for Christmas. Because I asked for one.

Winey Resolutions for a Hope Filled New Year

Can some of these antioxidants help keep the brain sharp? Can they slow or reverse the amyloid accumulations?

The copper mine featured in Poldark is a National Trust property

Quality Quarantine Part 2: Small Screen Series

My kids are quick to point out, that I’m all about British crime series and British productions in general.

Yoga practice includes breathing exercises

Breathing Properly: The Yogi Breathes In and Out

All of that good breathing through my nose and not through my mouth seems to supply my muscles with the oxygen they need effectively and efficiently.

Trees and other plants converting carbon dioxide to oxygen to produce fresh air

It’s About Breathing After All

How you breathe can determine how well you sleep, your anxiety level, your fitness, your weight, and dozens of health-related issues. We’ve known this for thousands of years.

note card with to do list including tidying up

The Zen of “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”

With this keen understanding of how to help people better know themselves, Marie Kondo’s career has become legend.

What Are Legumes?

The sum of all of this information is that, for most of us, eating legumes is a healthy and smart thing to do in our quest to be the best we can be.

corn syrup is made by adding water and enzymes to corn starch

Corn Syrup, High Fructose Corn Syrup, and Your Body – Beating Sugar Addiction

What health consequences does high fructose corn syrup have for us?

Type 3 Diabetes – Beating Sugar Addiction

Even people with elevated blood sugar levels, though not technically diabetic, may experience cognitive decline.

Top Snacks with Little Added Sugar – Beating Sugar Addiction

Dark chocolate contains flavonoid antioxidants, the chemical linked to arresting the development of cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s disease.

Insulin’s Role In Beating Sugar Addiction

We were once told that no matter the source of sugars in your diet, even from the sugars naturally occurring in foods like produce and dairy, the body treats it all the same.

That is not true.

Sugar Content in Alcoholic Beverages – Beating Sugar Addiction

Does limiting sugar intake mean that the glass of wine you enjoy at dinnertime is now “off the table?”