scrambled eggs are topped with sauerkraut and chopped tomato

The Probiotics of Sauerkraut

When we eat fermented cabbage, we are eating microorganisms in large numbers. The particular strains of microorganisms fed by cabbage have been found beneficial to human health.

A fountain among primroses and astilbe

Will Intermittent Fasting Lead Us to The Fountain of Youth?

There really is science behind the current fasting diets, and all it may take is doing a regular 16-24 hour fast to see long-term benefits.

Lots of vegetables and berries are a part of the TB12 eating plan.

It’s Super Bowl Sunday. Should You Eat Like Tom Brady?

Is this eating plan doable? We shall see – after the Super Bowl.

Soniccare toothbrush is all white and unobtrusive on the bathroom counter

Keeping It Clean in 2021: Sonicare Toothbrushing

My children bought me a Phillips Sonicare Toothbrush for Christmas. Because I asked for one.

Winey Resolutions for a Hope Filled New Year

Can some of these antioxidants help keep the brain sharp? Can they slow or reverse the amyloid accumulations?

Yoga practice includes breathing exercises

Breathing Properly: The Yogi Breathes In and Out

All of that good breathing through my nose and not through my mouth seems to supply my muscles with the oxygen they need effectively and efficiently.

Trees and other plants converting carbon dioxide to oxygen to produce fresh air

It’s About Breathing After All

How you breathe can determine how well you sleep, your anxiety level, your fitness, your weight, and dozens of health-related issues. We’ve known this for thousands of years.

An inspiring sunset lights up the clouds in purple and orange hues

Resolutions and Reflecting: 2020 Was Quite a Year

Quarantine has been difficult, but it has given me time to read and think. I’ve learned a few things and I bet you have, too.

A view from the walking path shows sunlight on Lake Erie.

Lakeshore Reservation in Lake County, Ohio Is Ready for You

A change of scenery is always welcome, given that there are so few activities that are available now.

Boosting Your Immunity: What Is Effective Against Covid-19?

Although it seems like no one knows a lot about Covid-19, we are learning more day-by-day. And some information out there suggests that certain nutrients can be effective in limiting the severity and duration of the disease.

Lake Linnea water reflects the trees surrounding it

Richfield Heritage Preserve Offers a Fairy Tale Backdrop for Hikers

What I liked best about the day’s walk was peeking into the Amity and North house windows, picturing picnics on the grounds, watching and listening to the busy birds, and walking along the south side of the lake.

Rainbow Farms Market Brings Fresh and Tasty Home

If you enjoy farmers market produce that’s locally grown, be sure to check out Rainbow…

honey on bread

Is Raw Honey Healthier Than Sugar? Beat Your Addiction to Sweet

As we’ve seen many times before, the closer you get to food as nature has packaged it, the more healthful it is.

Compare Sugar Content to Beat Your Sugar Addiction

Weight in the belly is associated with increased risk of heart attack, diabetes, cancer.  That’s reason enough to kick sugar addiction.

Angel wing double begonia

30 Days of Health and Contentment: Day 4, Meditation, and a Wheat berry Salad Recipe

How could I forego the first day’s exercise plan with that wonderful feedback?

Spring beauties hide close to fallen leaves in the soft earth

Hiking Hills in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Hiking brings you back to your childhood, when you lay in the grass watching the leaves dance and sparkle in the late afternoon sunshine.