Your Eldest Daughter Is the Female Version of Her Father

Your eldest daughter is the female version of her father.

Boy, is that the truth. As we celebrate Father’s Day, I think about how much I’m like my dad.

If you knew my dad in a social or professional setting, you’d say “fantastic,” “lucky you,” and “awesome!”

Not all of our shared traits are desirable, but many are positive and some are just plain funny.

My Dad and I Are Immortal

Like Zeus and Athena, we will live forever.

My husband is quick to point out that not only do my dad and I think we are never going to die, we truly believe that we’re never going to die.

” Scientists believe that the first human being who will live 150 years has already been born. I believe I am that human being. ” -Chris Traeger, Parks and Recreation.

Unfortunately, history proves otherwise.

So we go on ignoring the inevitable and seizing the day. I mean, how else could you do it?

You Can’t Touch This

My dad and I also share the trait of chemical sensitivity.

We seem to have allergic reactions or sensitivities to so many things: animal dander, poison ivy, and medications.

Any new drug prescription brings with it a dose of anxiety. 

As my family says, “Mom is someone who shouldn’t be reading the insert about side effects.

Hives, rashes, itchy and red skin come with the territory for us. It isn’t great to be seemingly allergic to everything. 

At least we can claim that we are sensitive souls.

We Like to Sing

I’m not going to propose that we’re excellent singers, but my dad and I can carry a tune (most of the time). 

I even went so far as to ask for a karaoke machine for my birthday.

That gift has been fun but hasn’t improved my singing much.

My dad was reluctant to try the machine and it took some coaxing to get him to sing with the microphone.

Once he started, however, he didn’t want to stop. Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Andy Williams – those are some of his favorites.

It also happens that these singers and their songs make some of the best karaoke fodder.

Why would we stop Dad when he was on a karaoke roll, when dads just wanna have fun?

Cook of the House

My dad and I like to cook and this is one thing that we’re both pretty good at, though I must admit that he is a better cook than me.

Along with the enjoyment of cooking comes our shared love of eating.

Dad’s adventurous palate probably developed while he was serving in the Army in Europe.

I’m thankful for his palate because it was my entry into the wide world of ethnic flavors.

On our first visit to Epcot, he and I ate Japanese food while the rest of the family went to the American Grill. I don’t remember a lot about the meal except that it was delicious and that I was hooked on the pickled ginger.

For my birthday, he’d take me to a Chinese or Greek restaurant because it was the once-a-year opportunity to try new cuisines.

How lucky was I to have a dad who loved eating as much as I did? Though the aging process has put some limits on the variety of foods we can eat, we both still love reading about and trying new dishes.

Cooking and eating are still central to our daily joy.

(Here is my dad’s awesome recipe for zucchini fries.)

My Dad and I Believe in Santa Claus

It happens to all of us sooner or later.

A kid at school, or a neighbor, or an older sibling breaks the bad news.

Santa Clause isn’t real.

When I first heard this I went to the one person who I knew would tell me the truth.

My dad answered quickly and honestly. “Yes, there is a Santa Clause.

Santa Clause is the spirit that makes Christmas feel so special. The spirit that makes people do good deeds and give gifts that bring happiness to others.

Do you see that at Christmas time?” My dad asked.

Yes, to this day I definitely see and believe in the spirit of Christmas.

Teaching and Learning

My dad taught young adults and teenagers for almost sixty years.

You read that right – six-tee.

His legacy is apparent whenever he enters a local hospital, clinic, or physician’s office. Everyone knows him. Everyone has been his student, from the doctors to the nurses to the medical technicians.

It’s pretty cool, because he was a great teacher.

And he still inspires future educators through his and my mom’s scholarship fund. Every year he reviews and interviews applicants in order to find the right recipients.

Who are the “right” scholarship recipients?

They are aspiring science teachers who want to nurture, guide, and excite students to improve the quality of life for all of us through education.

In other words, he wants to ensure the continuity of great teaching.

My siblings and I share my dad’s passion for teaching and learning. That is probably the greatest gift we’ve ever received.

Thank you, Dad. We’re grateful to have you as our first and best teacher.

You can contribute to the scholarship at Gannon University by specifying the Stanley J. and Mary H. Zagorski Endowed Power Scholarship.

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