Miss Candy and The Red Berry Candy Shop in Madison, Ohio: A Sweet Stop off Interstate 90

Miss Candy and the Red Berry Candy Shop is a Madison, Ohio landmark that you don’t want to miss.

The funny thing is that it took visitors from out of town to introduce me to this unique candy store.

Specifically, my brother and sister-in-law had come to visit us and passed this shop on their way to our lake house.

Discovering The Red Berry Candy Shop

jelly belly jelly beans are a store favorite

My sister-in-law is a healthy eater, but she does have a weakness for certain candies. She was eager to check out the candy shop so she and my brother took a detour to see what this store offered.

They returned to the house with bags of candy and a box of chocolates for me.

gummy french fries

My brother was amazed at the selection of candies on display. He swore that any candy you could think of from our childhood was in stock. Bottle Caps, Runts, Lemonheads, Mallo Cups, Garbage Pail Kids, Bazooka bubble gum – you name it, Miss Candy had it.

chewy lemonheads and cherryheads, chocolate coins, red hots, and boston baked beans candies

I dived into my chocolate box and was blown away with the quality of the chocolates. They were some of the best chocolates I’ve ever eaten.

My absolute favorites were the salted caramels. The generous caramel squares were soft and rich, creamy and sprinkled with just the right amount of sea salt.

I was looking forward to my own visit to the candy shop! A few weeks later I had my chance.

Meet Miss Candy

My husband and I visited The Red Berry Candy Shop one evening after dinner. Like my sister-in-law mentioned, the store owner (Miss Candy?) was welcoming and helpful.

the store is neat and tidy and full of candy

Forgive the pun, but she was sweet.

I told the owner how much I loved the salted caramels.  I learned that these are very popular and made by Buckeye Chocolates, a local chocolatier.

The owner also introduced us to Napoleon lemon drops that are absolutely delicious if you love a good, tart lemon drop.

She explained that these lemon drops are often purchased by customers undergoing chemotherapy because the lemon drops encourage saliva production in people who have trouble with dry mouth.

Sure, you could buy these lemon drops elsewhere; but we would never have known about them if it wasn’t for Miss Candy’s recommendation.

Isn’t that a reason to patronize local merchants after all?

sodas from around the world in a rainbow of colors

The Red Berry Candy Shop Is a Gift

Since that first visit to this special candy store, I’ve returned many times. 

package and bin candies

I’ve picked up gifts from the store and even bought bridal shower favors from Miss Candy.  Her candies are so attractive as she packages them in crystal clear bags and boxes.

They look as good as they taste.

salt water taffy in lots of flavors

Heavenly Safe Chocolates Joins the Line-Up

This past year, Miss Candy added to her offerings by purchasing a business called Heavenly Safe Chocolates.

These chocolates are gluten-free, dairy-free, nut-free.?In fact, the line eliminates most of the common allergens from its confections.

I’ve sampled the chocolate rice crisp bark and pretzel bark and they are both excellent. I was tempted by the chocolate covered potato chips but decided to save those for another day.

Yes, Heavenly Safe Chocolates lives up to its name!

“Buy” the Book

How did this candy store get its name?

I still haven’t asked this question (I’m too busy looking at all of the candy), but I noticed picture books for sale next to the cash register. The title of these books?

Miss Berry and the Red Berry Candy Shop, by Candy Nichols.

Here’s the description on Amazon

“What if there was a book about a real candy store with years of stories brought in by customers who visit to buy sweet treats, and share stories with Miss Candy. This wonderful mix of creative stories between real and fiction began the volume one of the “Copper visitor”. On volume one, Miss Candy starts her usual day clueless as to what will happen on her most quite evening of her day at her candy shop. She is baffled and intrigued has a find a mysterious strange visitor in her doorstep and confronted at the unusual problem she will have to fix with no time to delay.”

About the Author

Candy Nichols is for real, the owner of the Red Berry Candy Shop. In her ‘Read to me Series’ she has gathered fun saying along with cute stories for a number of years, stimulating her to create this fun different mix. She hopes the young and old will sit back and enjoy.”

Miss Candy is one special lady and we will be visiting her again and again.

If you are traveling on Interstate 90 and have a moment to stop in Madison, Ohio, be sure to visit this unique and special shop.

Take the Madison exit off I-90 and head north on State Route 528. Continue on 528 through town and continue a couple of miles. You’ll see the Red Berry Candy Shop on the west side of the road.

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