Kittens are making a ruckus celebrating Christmas.

Christmas Trivia for Your Christmas Table

Christmas is full of activities, for sure.

But we always have a little “down time” when a friendly competition is in order.

purple, yellow, pink, and blue watercolor painting of Easter eggs

Egg Hunts for Easter That Are Fun and Free

As Kara got older, her creativity blossomed. She devised an egg hunt where coupons redeemable for specific prizes were in the eggs instead of the prizes themselves.

Such a smart girl!

A gingerbread man ornament appears to be running away from the cookie cutter

Do You Need A Break From Another Hallmark Christmas?

Here are a few picks that will liven up your holiday viewing without giving you that sickly sweet feeling in your stomach or general numbness in your brain.

watercolor of red and pink potted cyclamen

Love, Valentine’s Day

I still get sentimental when I pass a cellophane-protected display of pink and red cyclamen ready for purchase, or a package of lacy paper doilies.

A white porcelain plate holds pink frosted heart shaped sugar cookies

Will’s Favorite Valentine Sugar Cookies

You can roll out the dough dusted with flour or powdered sugar. If you use powdered sugar, it will make crisper cookies.

Make Your Own Sea-Salt Caramel Sauce: Cooking up Your Farmer’s Share

I’ve used this on ice cream, in coffee, as a fresh apple dip, and even in an apple pie filling, with walnuts, to make a super delicious dessert.

Blown-out eggs are coated with colored bits of tissue paper

Crafts for the Non-Crafty: These Easter Eggs Are a Tribute to Eric Carle

As you overlap the tissue paper on the egg, Eric Carle’s picture books will come to mind. Maybe it’s a good time to pull them out, for inspiration.