A well organized kitchen including pots hanging from a rack over the stove.

Death Cleaning Is A Real Thing

The concept of Death Cleaning, or getting rid of junk as made popular by the minimalist movement, can offer peace and serenity.

Photo of soup garnished with creme fraiche and fresh chives

It’s Easy to Create and Share a Digital Recipe File

Both my son and daughter use the digital method to share cooking and grocery shopping responsibilities. They include agreed upon, tested recipes. This cuts down on return trips to the market for forgotten ingredients and saves the back-and-forth of “What do you want to eat tonight?

photo of LED chandelier bulbs

7 Easy and Inexpensive Ways to Increase Your Domestic Bliss

There are some inexpensive changes that have made life a little nicer and easier for us.

A mulched tree bed is edged with stone and brick

To Mulch, Or Not To Mulch? And Other Lawn Care Questions

My “no fuss” solution is to let the grass grow around the tree bases, like inverted grass skirts!

spice jars lay on their sides in a spice drawer

Forget the Spice Rack and Embrace the Spice Drawer

Honestly, how many hours of my life had I wasted searching for a spice jar?