Yoga practice includes breathing exercises

Breathing Properly: The Yogi Breathes In and Out

All of that good breathing through my nose and not through my mouth seems to supply my muscles with the oxygen they need effectively and efficiently.

Trees and other plants converting carbon dioxide to oxygen to produce fresh air

It’s About Breathing After All

How you breathe can determine how well you sleep, your anxiety level, your fitness, your weight, and dozens of health-related issues. We’ve known this for thousands of years.

An inspiring sunset lights up the clouds in purple and orange hues

Resolutions and Reflecting: 2020 Was Quite a Year

Quarantine has been difficult, but it has given me time to read and think. I’ve learned a few things and I bet you have, too.

Honey-Baked Feta Is a Simple Way to Raise the Flavor Bar

Honey-baked feta is great on crusty bread slices as a snack or side, in an omelette, or topping stuffed, baked peppers.

blue skies and layers of mountain views in an Appalachian view

“Hillbilly Elegy” in Howard’s Hands – Different Is Good

Howard shows violence, xenophobia, poverty, and oppression in the film. He just doesn’t add his own (or Vance’s) political narrative to the story.

A view from the walking path shows sunlight on Lake Erie.

Lakeshore Reservation in Lake County, Ohio Is Ready for You

A change of scenery is always welcome, given that there are so few activities that are available now.

Granola chunks stored in canning jar

How to Make Granola – Easy and Delicious

A plus for homemade granola is that you can substitute any nuts, seeds, grains, and dried fruits that fit your needs or pantry.

A trifle bowl's sides are perpendicular to its base.

A Trifle Advantageous

“Trifle” is a traditional English dessert consisting of layered, fruit-soaked sponge cake, custard, and fruit.…

Boosting Your Immunity: What Is Effective Against Covid-19?

Although it seems like no one knows a lot about Covid-19, we are learning more day-by-day. And some information out there suggests that certain nutrients can be effective in limiting the severity and duration of the disease.

Growing Native Plants to Inspire a New World

The foundation is dedicated to the preservation of California native plants and hosts an annual garden tour of scores of California’s best private gardens.

pizza with half spinach topping

Homemade Pizza by Dad: A Guide for Beginners

Working with yeast dough can be intimidating, so let this step-by-step tutorial allay your fears. You’ll be making some terrific dough.

Memory – The All Ages, No-tech Game that’s Actually Fun

It’s a simple game to make and play, and its adaptable to all ages and interests.