Mania’s Golupki – An Easy and Delicious Polish Recipe (Gluten-free)

golupki, stuffed cabbage rolls, gluten-free

The first meal that I made for my future in-laws was a family favorite, golubki. You may know it as pigs-in-a-blanket. My mother-in-law made me many Greek dishes, and the Mediterranean flavors were spectacular. I wanted to introduce her to some of my ethnic specialties. We grew up eating this cabbage and beef dish during […]

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A friend told me the story of her Christmas cookie revelation, and I’ve never forgotten it.

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Six on Saturday, 10-21-17

red geranium

The geranium survived a herd of deer passing through the yard yesterday. It’s one of the bright spots left as the season winds down.

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Morning Glow

photo of sunlight streaming before bridge

It was a spectacular morning in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park.

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