Six on Saturday, 10-21-17

red geranium

It’s the foliage’s time to shine, so the garden is slowly falling asleep. It doesn’t have the sparkle of spring or the color riot of summer; yet the slowing of growth gives me time to catch up. I am enjoying the weeding, trimming, and general tidying. The temperature is kinder, the bugs are mostly gone. Glory days, indeed!

female goldfinch
Little lady goldfinch had no problem with me being so close. I must not have seemed much of a threat!
tea cup garden stake
This tea cup garden stake is going on fifteen years and still makes me smile. We found it in Niagara Falls, Ontario, on a family vacation.
red geranium
The geranium survived a herd of deer passing through the yard yesterday. It’s one of the bright spots left as the season winds down.
dill plant
For a reason unknown to me, the dill seed I planted in the spring has finally decided to grow. Better late than never?
I cut the tradescantia back in late August when it was looking ragged. This vigorous plant has sent up new blooms to take advantage of these last warm days.
terra cotta
Cleaning out terra cotta and dreaming about next year. No matter that they are twenty years old; I still love these classic pots.

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  1. Lovely six, I still have pelargoniums flowering, and less deer worries so if Jack Frost stays away they show keep doing good service for a couple of weeks yet.

    1. Yes, next year I’ll plant more. When I was young, I thought they were too common. Now, I’m wiser, ha.

      1. Things come in and out of fashion it seems. Dahlias having a renaissance here in the UK.

    1. I’ve also seen posts of crab apple trees blossoming! The explanation being given is the dry, hot weather caused the trees (and seeds?) to go through a period of dormancy, and now our fair weather has created a mini “springtime.”

  2. That goldfinch must have wanted to have her picture taken, as she has posed so perfectly in that lovely setting. Great capture!

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