30 Days of Health and Contentment: Day 19, Power Yoga

How’s the Yoga Going?

Honestly, it wouldn’t be a surprise if you haven’t worked this into your day yet.  We tend to think that it isn’t the kind of workout that will get us to where we want to be. It seems too kind and gentle to be a calorie burner.

Actually, it burns about as many calories as a vigorous walk. It doesn’t fall into the category of high-calorie burners like running, cross-training, or spinning, though.

But, yoga does offer other benefits that are directly related to weight loss and maintenance.

Yoga’s Health Benefits

Yoga has been studied as an alternative therapy for back pain. Yoga can also play an important role in regulating hormone levels, especially those associated with stress and weight gain.

Yoga stimulates the brain via the vagus nerve. This stimulation helps decrease the production of cortisol and other “stress hormones;” and, it increases the production of serotonin, which leads to better appetite and weight control, as well as better sleep patterns.

I can personally attest to the harm caused by persistent, elevated levels of cortisol. Once I left my stressful situation, I felt so much better, lost weight, and enjoyed everything more!

Cortisol has been called “Public Enemy No.1” for good reason. This is the “fight-or-flight” hormone, and it can build up in the blood stream and cause serious health consequences like high blood pressure, depression, and heart disease.

I can’t think of a reason that you shouldn’t add yoga to your workout, especially if you are someone who encounters stress on a regular basis.

You Just Can’t Lose: Literally

If you have trouble sleeping, losing and maintaining weight loss, or feel lethargic a lot of the time, you are probably desperate to change something. Why not give yoga a try? Our exercise plan fits yoga in twice a week. There are also thousands of free yoga videos on YouTube that offer routines as short as 10 minutes.

No excuses, now!



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