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Six on Saturday, 1-27-18: Sketches

Everything around here is drippy, soggy, and brown.

I have great intentions, but the atmosphere isn’t propelling me into any of the gardening preparations I could begin now.

Instead, I want to curl up on the couch and thumb through gardening magazines, sip on my matcha tea (that I haven’t decided whether I like or hate), and dream.  Isn’t that what winter is for?

I like to sketch now and again, and it’s fun to look through last summer’s sketches to remind me of what my “big plans” had included.

Lavender plant in terracotta rectangular pot
Lavender in terracotta

Last year,  I planted some divisions in pots.  This allowed me to enjoy the form and fragrance of the plants that I otherwise see only briefly.  I think I’ll do more of that this year, especially plants that thrive in drier soils.



I also did a bit of research on planting clover in the lawn, and its benefits to flora and fauna.  This is something I can probably do sooner in the spring, rather than later.

The temperature just needs to be consistently above 40°F and the lawn mowed to a very short length.



Hosta in terracotta pot
Hosta in terracotta pot

I planted a lot of new perennials in pots, as well as the divisions.  This allowed me to learn their particular water requirements, and served as a quarantine period.  Too often, I’ve unknowingly brought harmful pests and disease home with the lovely plants.

bypass pruners with red handles
bypass pruners

This sketch is just to remind me that I could really use a new pair of bypass pruners; and some long gloves when I’m pruning those nasty but beautiful roses.


Willow in glazed blue pot
Willow in glazed blue pot

For the life of me, I can’t remember if I actually bought a glazed, blue ceramic pot or just drew it because I really love them.

I’d have to crawl up into the garage attic, where I store my ceramic pots, to find out. Nah, seems like too much energy. What would be the harm in having two of these beauties, anyway??

As for the willows, I was probably too late trying to deer-proof them with netting last December.  I’m going to need a more sturdy and permanent growing cage for them, that can stay up year ’round until they aren’t so attractive to the browsers.


Last, but not least, I’m hoping to plant some veggies outside the garden fence, maybe in pots, or maybe in borders of other edibles that the animals don’t like.  Lettuce should work, and perhaps other greens.

That’s my six for this Saturday. Check out The Propagator for more posts from gardens around the world!


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10 comments on “Six on Saturday, 1-27-18: Sketches”
  1. A. JoAnn says:

    You made my day!

  2. A. JoAnn says:

    Thanks! I was thinking about the deer, they don’t like lettuce, but the bunnies are a different story…

  3. A. JoAnn says:

    Thank you! Hope you are having a relaxing weekend

  4. A. JoAnn says:

    Thanks! Keepin busy

  5. A. JoAnn says:

    sweet you are 🙂

  6. Rebel Girl says:

    Beautiful sketches!

  7. tablefor5nyc says:

    So talented!!

  8. Love the art! Multi-multi talented!

  9. Lora Hughes says:

    I also enjoyed the sketches. Your last summer musings have instigated my own musings for this summer. I wasn’t clear on the planting of veg outside the garden fence – are you planting things for the browsers or are you planting things they don’t like?

  10. thomashort says:

    What beautiful sketches! Love the lavender, making me think about summer and the secateurs and pruning roses are making me think about the enjoyable month I have coming up soon, thank you ?

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