I’d Rather Be… Gardening

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge: I’d Rather Be …

After four more inches of snowfall today, it was easy to come up with what I’d rather be doing …  gardening, of course!

Here’s what the garden looked like today.

Garden and deck covered with snow
Snow, snow, and more snow

A few springs ago, we visited Thomas Jefferson’s Monticello.  Knowing that Jefferson was a keen gardener, it was no surprise that the trustees have maintained attractive gardens on the grounds.  Even the vegetable garden is a thing of beauty.

Lettuce and peas in rows in the Monticello vegetable garden.
Jefferson’s Monticello vegetable garden

As we headed back home via the Blue Ridge Parkway,  a snowstorm moved in and reminded us that spring can bring all varieties of precipitation.

Overlook on Blue Ridge Parkway yields views of mountains and valleys.
Sunshine one moment, snow showers the next


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4 thoughts on “I’d Rather Be… Gardening

  1. A. JoAnn Post author

    Yes, wouldn’t it be a dream-come-true to own a farm in Virginia?!

  2. Jean

    Beautiful country! I’m itching to get into the dirt too.

  3. A. JoAnn Post author

    Lucky you! I think Virginia is one of the most beautiful states, with mountains and lots of green.

  4. March Picker

    Ah, more snow… It’s so difficult to be patient. Love the photos of Monticello. We’ve spent much time there (lived almost 20 yrs in VA) and always ooh and aah over something new in the garden.

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