What’s the Deal with Himalayan Salt Lamps?

Himalayan salt lamp emits a rosy glow

My brother gave me a Himalayan salt lamp for Christmas. He kinda laughed as I unwrapped it; I didn’t know what it was or what I was supposed to do with it.

Did you get one, too? They’ve  been on the “hot gifts list” these past few holiday seasons.

I put it in the office and then forgot about it.

Then, getting ready for visitors, I was dusting and found it.  At least it would make a good nightlight. (I’m always worried that overnight guests won’t find the bathroom, or will fall down the stairs, and all sorts of other things that never happen.)

Why Himalayan salt?

It seems that there isn’t a whole lot of evidence that Himalayan salt has greater powers than any other salt; and even the proposition that ordinary salt confers health benefits is unproven.

One hypothesis is that salt generates negative ions by causing evaporation of water vapor in the air around it; and those ions increase your production of seratonin (a “feel good” hormone).  So, you feel better around this salt rock.

Another theory is that the negative ions in the atmosphere allow more oxygen to get to your brain, so that you think more clearly and feel energized.

Finally, because those negative ions are seeking stasis, the idea is that they will form larger charged particles with airborn impurities. They then “clean” the air by causing the particles to be attracted to other surfaces like the ground or furniture, rather than being inhaled.

None of these claims has been proven, though negative ionization of the atmosphere, especially at high ionization levels, has been associated with a lessening of depression symptoms in patients.

But, the salt hunk they sell with the 15-watt light bulb is not producing large amounts (or, maybe, any) negative ions.

So, why buy the Himalayan salt lamp?

It’s pretty. It’s got a soft, rosy glow, that makes you feel relaxed and cozy.

As long as you don’t expect medical miracles from this natural sculpture, enjoy the pleasant mood that it creates!

♥  -Jo






    1. Scientific proof and ancient wisdom, often at odds! I can say for certain that my lamp has done no harm. 🙂 Your post echoes exactly what I’ve read; thank you!!

  1. John Lovasz says:

    Ever spent time in a “salt cave”? We have one here in Pittsburgh. It was quite relaxing, but I’m not sure if that was do more to the salt or the anti-gravity chair.

    1. I’ll have to give it a go!

  2. John Lovasz says:

    Make that “due”…..oy.

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